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Fascy Time Machine Mask Review


I had the opportunity to try out the Fascy Time Machine Mask. First of all I love the pink packaging it’s really cute! It’s also a very unique mask because it comes with three different steps. The first step is to apply the Eye Cream. I really like that the product has a thick consistency and it didn’t have much of a scent. I applied that all around my eye area. Then I did Step 2 which is the Eye Serum Mask. I kept that on for 20 minutes. Lastly I did step 3 which is the Sleep Pack. That also had a nice thick consistency and I applied it to my face as well as my neck right before I went to bed. One really awesome thing about this mask is that it comes with a lot of product. I applied the whole package of Sleep Pack to my face and neck which was too much product because I ended up getting it all over my pillow case but it is a huge plus because you don’t have to worry about them skimping out on the amount of product that they give you. I didn’t see any directions that say that you would need to apply it to your neck also but I thought that it wouldn’t hurt. The next morning I felt that my face looked really moisturized and felt quite soft. I’m very pleased overall with this mask set and I’ll definitely continue using it. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with directions in English so I had to look them up online. Luckily I found a woman who had done a YouTube video on this mask and that’s how I figured out how to use it. I received this product free for testing and review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Soothing Review


I had the opportunity to test out the Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Soothing sheet mask. It has a really nice scent to it; not too strong. The box packaging as well as the mask packaging is neat. I love how it looks like a clipboard with a stethoscope on it. There’s no question that it did a good job of hydrating my face as you can see in the final photo in my post. It was really easy to use. I always start with a freshly cleaned face of course. I took off the mesh part, applied the mask to my face, and took off the other fabric layer. I let it sit on my skin for 10 to 15 minutes (I always like to do the max so I did 15 minutes). I removed the mask, then massaged the product into my skin for maximum effectiveness. I will definitely continue using these masks and consider purchasing them in the future. I received this product free for testing and review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Have you guys tried this mask or any other masks from this brand? Would love to hear from you!

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