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CVS Clearance Haul February 6th, 2016

IMG_20160206_100400Today I decided to check out what CVS had left over from their clearance markdowns this week.  I would say I got pretty lucky today for it being a Saturday. 🙂  From what I have read, it appears that Monday and Tuesday are the best days to go into CVS to look for clearance markdowns.  Usually (unless I’m looking for Christmas clearance markdowns), most of my trips to CVS had been for couponing and CVS Rewards Deals where you can earn Extra Care Bucks.  But now (after over 2 years of couponing), I’m FINALLY taking advantage of when CVS marks down it’s items.  Ideally, you will save the most if you go into the store to hunt down clearance items and match those up with coupons.  This time, I did not have matching coupons but I still was able to save quite a bit.

Here is the breakdown:

All of the items featured here were on clearance 75% off except for the toothpaste.

Old Spice was originally $4.65, it was marked down to $1.24.

The Yardley soaps were originally $1.67, marked down to 41 cents each.

The CVS Clinical Strength deodorant was originally $7.49, marked down to $1.87.

The Dry Idea deodorants were originally $5.29, marked down to $1.32.

The Colgate MaxFresh was originally $3.99, marked down to $3.00.

When I first walked in the store, I went to the kiosk where I print my CVS coupons.  I always stop there first because you never know what kinds of coupons you might receive on there.  I received a $1.50 off $4 in deodorant purchase and $2.50 off Colgate Max toothpaste coupon.  I also already had $2 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs are earned by purchasing certain items that give you ECBs in exchange for items that you buy, they are typically posted next to the item on the shelf or in their ad).

So I ended up paying $1 per deodorant and 50 cents for the toothpaste in the end.  Also due to the $2 ECBs, I basically got the Old Spice and bar soaps for free!

I ended up saving over 88%!  Just think, I could have gotten everything free if I would have had some coupons on hand. 🙂

Whether you are new to couponing or are a long-time couponer, good luck until next time!