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K-Mart Double Couponing Adventure: Week of February 28th, 2016

Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I was so excited for Double Coupon Week at K-Mart this week because it had been almost 2 months since they had done their last one (and I was going through withdrawals! lol).  So here is the breakdown of all the things I bought today.


-Cannon Grey Wash Cloths, originally $4.99, on sale for $3.99 each

-Cannon Brown Bath Towels, originally $4.99, on sale for $3.99 each

-Cannon Brown Washcloths $4.99 each

-OB Tampons $7.99

-EOS Vanilla Mint Lip Balm $3.49

-Dr. Pepper $1.79 + $0.05 CRV (needed a filler item since the socks couldn’t count toward my $50 total in order to use my K-Mart coupon since they are clearance items)

-Olay 6 Count Bar Soap originally $5.99, on sale for $4.99

-Purely Fancy Feast  cat food $1.43 each

-Christmas Socks originally $3 each, on clearance for $0.30 each

-Purina DentaLife Cat Treats FREE Saturday K-Mart item

Before sales, coupons, points, etc, my total would have been $76.95.

Here are all the discounts:

-Had $1.25 in points to redeem on a Cannon Bath item (the cashier decided to double it which gave me $2.50 off).

-Had a full value coupon for the OB Tampons making them FREE.

-Had $1 off coupon for the Olay which doubled to $2 off.

-Had $1 off 4 Purely Fancy Feast coupon which doubled to $2 off.

-Had $1 off EOS coupon which doubled to $2 off.

-I also used a K-Mart mobile coupon which took $5 off a $50 purchase.

-They had to void my transaction several times for computer malfunctions, etc, and during the midst of that I earned $10 in points when you spend $50, so I was able to apply those points to this purchase also.

-I also had $10.28 in points already on my Shop Your Way Rewards account which I used in this transaction also.

-And the cashier apparently took an additional $2 off.

So  before taxes my total was $6.20 for all of these items which makes each item 31 cents!

I saved a total of 92% today!!!!

Some key things to keep in mind when you shop at K-Mart: their policy states that you can only use ONE K-Mart coupon per transaction AND you must redeem your K-Mart coupon before scanning other coupons or redeeming your points.  So make sure you have your cashier redeem your K-Mart coupon FIRST before doing any other discounts.

If you are unsure how K-Mart Double Couponing works, please see my previous blogpost.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below. 🙂

Happy (Double) Couponing this week!  Whether you are new to couponing or are a long-time couponer, good luck until next time!


CVS Clearance Haul February 6th, 2016

IMG_20160206_100400Today I decided to check out what CVS had left over from their clearance markdowns this week.  I would say I got pretty lucky today for it being a Saturday. 🙂  From what I have read, it appears that Monday and Tuesday are the best days to go into CVS to look for clearance markdowns.  Usually (unless I’m looking for Christmas clearance markdowns), most of my trips to CVS had been for couponing and CVS Rewards Deals where you can earn Extra Care Bucks.  But now (after over 2 years of couponing), I’m FINALLY taking advantage of when CVS marks down it’s items.  Ideally, you will save the most if you go into the store to hunt down clearance items and match those up with coupons.  This time, I did not have matching coupons but I still was able to save quite a bit.

Here is the breakdown:

All of the items featured here were on clearance 75% off except for the toothpaste.

Old Spice was originally $4.65, it was marked down to $1.24.

The Yardley soaps were originally $1.67, marked down to 41 cents each.

The CVS Clinical Strength deodorant was originally $7.49, marked down to $1.87.

The Dry Idea deodorants were originally $5.29, marked down to $1.32.

The Colgate MaxFresh was originally $3.99, marked down to $3.00.

When I first walked in the store, I went to the kiosk where I print my CVS coupons.  I always stop there first because you never know what kinds of coupons you might receive on there.  I received a $1.50 off $4 in deodorant purchase and $2.50 off Colgate Max toothpaste coupon.  I also already had $2 in Extra Care Bucks (ECBs are earned by purchasing certain items that give you ECBs in exchange for items that you buy, they are typically posted next to the item on the shelf or in their ad).

So I ended up paying $1 per deodorant and 50 cents for the toothpaste in the end.  Also due to the $2 ECBs, I basically got the Old Spice and bar soaps for free!

I ended up saving over 88%!  Just think, I could have gotten everything free if I would have had some coupons on hand. 🙂

Whether you are new to couponing or are a long-time couponer, good luck until next time!



K-Mart Double Couponing Adventure: Week of December 27th, 2015



K-Mart Double Couponing Haul Week of December 27th, 2015.

I love when K-Mart does it’s Double Coupon Week because I end up saving a lot! In case you aren’t familiar with how their Double Couponing Week works, I’ll go into more detail.  Every once in a while (not sure how often), K-Mart will advertise in the Sunday paper that they will be having Double Coupon Week which means that you must spend $25 before taxes, manufacturer coupons and K-Mart coupons, you can double up to 5 coupons per day in that transaction and the value of the coupon can be up to $2.  I have been told you can only do one transaction of up to 5 doubled coupons per day, so that’s all I do at my store.  So let’s say your subtotal comes to $25 and you have 5 coupons for $2 off; the $2 off doubles to $4 off, times 5=$20 off $25 which means you paid $5 for $25 worth of products!  I try to get my total as close to $25 as I can without going much over, but that’s all on preference and how much you want to spend.  I don’t do the bulk of my normal shopping at K-Mart, so I mostly shop there during Double Coupon week or when I have points (I can elaborate more on their points systems; Shop Your Way Rewards Program in a future blog).  What’s awesome is that sometimes i will use points towards these transactions also which makes my total even lower!

Here is a breakdown of the above pictured scenario:

Always on sale for $6.99, had 2 $1 off coupons that doubled making the pads $4.99 each (coupons either came from the Sunday paper, the manufacturer with a free sample or both)

Poise was $2.99, had $2 off coupon which doubled to $4, making it FREE (I also either got this coupon from the Sunday paper or the manufacturer with a free sample)

Coke was on sale for 3 for $12, had free 12 pack coupon from My Coke Rewards, making it FREE.

Friskies was on sale 20 for $10, had a Buy One, Get One Free Friskies coupon from Friskies, making them both free because it doubled (I’m not sure if those kinds of coupons typically double, by the way).

I couldn’t find the price for the Hershey’s Candy Cane bars but they rang up for 31 cents each (probably 75% off since the Christmas stuff that I bought rang up as 75% off).

I also bought some clearance holiday items which were advertised as 50% off but rang up as 75% off. 🙂

With coupons and a $5 Kmart gift card I received during my last visit, I saved a total of 63.4%. If you look at the prices before sales, then I saved about 79.5% total.  One trick I like to use when I’m double couponing is to use coupons for free items because it makes it easier to get your subtotal to $25 AND you aren’t even paying anything for the item.  I either do that, or a combination of 5 other higher value coupons that I use to double.  I will also use additional coupons on top of the 5 double coupons if I need to add additional items to get my subtotal up to $25.  I would say 50% of my Double Coupon interactions go pretty well.  The other 50% is me explaining the procedure to the cashier or them having to have the manager come over and force the coupons through because the computer won’t recognize it for whatever reason (no judgement, it just tends to be my experience).  My best advice is that as long as you are 100% familiar with their Double Coupon policy and you stick to it (politely of course) then you are golden.  You can also keep the coupon policy handy or read it beforehand for a refresher (just Google K-Mart coupon policy). By the way, sorry for the late post.  I plan to post my next Double Couponing Adventure in a more timely manner so that people can see what items/deals might be out there in that particular week.  I always enjoy clipping the coupons, hunting around the store for the items (just FYI; K-Mart doesn’t always sell a particular item/size of item that you have a coupon for) and figuring out the best combination of items to get the best deal, as well as watching the price go down as the cashier scans each coupon.  🙂

Whether you are new to couponing or are a long-time couponer, good luck until next time!