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HTKJ Dog Rope Toys Review

IMG_20170422_141440_681.jpgHello again! Just wanted to pop in and do a quick review of these dog rope toys that I received from Amazon seller HTKJ.

They contacted me and asked me if I’d like to test out their dog toys. I agreed because my boyfriend’s friend has a pitbull who I knew would love these toys.

When I first received the box full of dog toys, I took them all out of their packaging and set them on the table. My cat Cheese aka Colby Jack got up on the table and immediately started playing with them. If I hadn’t already promised to give them to my boyfriend’s friend, I would have let Cheese keep them because he had so much fun with them!

We gave the toys to my boyfriend’s friend and he said that his dog really enjoyed the toys and it didn’t take long for him long to tear up the toys. Keep in mind, he is a pitbull, he is by no means a small animal.

I would definitely recommend these toys for any dog. For bigger dogs, you have to be ok with the fact that they might go through these toys fast though. I even recommend these for cats! My cat played with the ball and the ball on a rope and really enjoyed them.

If you want to know where to get these toys for your pet(s), click here.

I received these products free for testing and review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Until next time,


Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Face Sunscreen Review


It’s Thursday so it’s time for another review! I hope everyone is enjoying their week. I’ve been enjoying our nicer weather that we’ve been having lately out here in Northern California. I’m already a Hawaiian Tropic fan so when I got selected to try their face sunscreen I was very pleased!


So to tell you guys a little bit about this product, it’s the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Face sunscreen. It comes in an easy to carry size and smells amazing! In the photo above, I took it right before my boyfriend and I went on a hike.

What I love about this product:

– It smells amazing! Very tropical!

-Compact size, easy to take with me anywhere.

-Does a great job of protecting my face from the sun.

– Keeps my face moisturized.

– You can’t even tell you’re wearing it because it’s so lightweight.



I would definitely purchase this in the future! Have any of you guys tried this or are you interested in trying this? Please feel free to comment below.

I received this product free for testing and review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Until next time,


International Delight One Touch Latte Creamer Review


Happy Thursday everyone! I’ve got a cool product to tell you guys about today! It’s the International Delight One Touch Latte creamer. I had been seeing ads for this for quite a while and thought it looked pretty cool so when I found out that I would be getting the opportunity to try this, I was pumped!


I’ve been enjoying this creamer for the past week or so and I’m definitely a fan. The photo of me above was just taken this morning. I’m actually enjoying a latte right now as I write. I’ve got my delicious vanilla latte in my monogrammed mug and I’m doing one of my favorite things which is writing. This day couldn’t get any better!

This is REALLY easy to use!

You just:

1. Fill your coffee cup 2/3 full with coffee.

2. Shake the can of International Delight One Touch Latte Creamer.

3. Press firmly on the nozzle for 5 seconds as you dispense it into your cup.

I have to admit that the first time I tried using this I didn’t push down on the nozzle hard enough and I was wondering why it wasn’t working right. I tried it again and pushed down harder on the nozzle and it sounded like I was at a coffee shop making a latte on one of those frothing machines.

I’m definitely pleased with this product and I’m looking forward to trying out their other flavors; mocha and caramel. I would say the only downside is that it only has 7 servings per container. But that’s all the more reason to get out there and try some of these other flavors.

Have you tried International Delight One Touch Latte creamers? Or if you haven’t, please feel free to leave comments or questions below. I love hearing from you guys!

I received this product free for testing and review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Until next time,


Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Body Wash Review

20170507_104112.jpg Happy Sunday everyone! I want to tell you guys about a body wash that I recently got to try out for free thanks to Crowdtap. It’s the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Body Wash in Honeysuckle.


First of all this stuff smells pretty amazing.  It has a really natural scent and it makes you feel like you’re outside in nature while you’re lathering up.

Also, it’s made with flaxseed oil, chamomile and aloe vera extracts, olive oil, glycerin, and other essential oils. I really like the fact that it’s made without parabens, artificial colors and all that other bad stuff that we don’t want to put on our bodies.

It also has a really good price point. You get 16 fluid ounces of body wash for $7.99. You can find it at your local Target store. To get an even better deal you could try to find it on Target’s Cartwheel app to see if there is a discount or coupon on there.

I feel that this body wash did a good job of cleansing my skin. I didn’t notice any irritation of any kind. The one good thing I did notice is that I could smell the honeysuckle after I’d already been out of the shower for a little bit. My boyfriend noticed the scent coming off with my skin and he really liked it.

Have any of you guys tried Mrs. Meyers body washes before? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Until next time,


K-Mart’s Awesome Deal! You don’t want to miss this!


So, right now K-Mart has a deal where if you buy at least $10 in Smart Sense products, you get back the ENTIRE amount that you spent in points. I did not see anywhere where there is a limit on how many points you get back. You must be a Shop Your Way Reward member to qualify for this deal. If you’re not a member and you’re interested in joining, it’s easy to do next time you stop into K-Mart.

I was at K-Mart today to check out their Christmas clearance so I picked up a couple 75% off items. With my register receipt printed the usual coupons and one of them was get $5 back in points when you spend at least $15 on specific household items. After I read that a light bulb went off in my head and I decided to go back later in the afternoon to pick up some toilet paper.

20170115_163100I picked up a couple packages which came to $17.48 before tax.  I got back $17.30 in points for the Smart Sense deal, $5 back for the K-Mart register coupon deal and 18 cents in base  points for the purchase. So basically I spent $17.48 and got back $22.30 cents in points. I love when they have deals like this because you have opportunities to get back all of the money you spent and then some.


If you have any other questions about K-Mart, check out my other K-Mart posts and feel free to ask below in the comment section. Do you guys shop at K-Mart and if so, what kind of kewl deals have you gotten?

Until next time,


KY Ultragel Personal Lubricant Review

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Eve! Just wanted to hop online real quick today before we begin our Christmas festivities to let you guys know about KY Ultragel Personal Lubricant that I got to try for free recently.

IMG_20161217_103956.jpgThis is a water based lubricant that feels really natural. My boyfriend and I thought it worked excellently, was easy to apply, felt very natural and the packaging feels really smooth and easy to use.


This is the smaller size of 1.5 ounces and you can find it at your local Target or Wal-Mart. This also comes in a 4.5 ounce bottle.

I received this product free for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

If you haven’t already, would love for you to subscribe to my blog. 🙂

Until next time,


Shikshook Cocktail Shaker Set Review

Good evening everyone!  Tonight I tested the Shikshook Cocktail Shaker Set.


As you may have read in other posts of mine, I’m a member of where you can apply to test products and review them.  I applied for this because I thought it looked pretty cool and I like all of the accessories that it comes with.  The velvet bag is a huge plus because I can store this set easily and also take it with me wherever I need to.

Tonight I made a mixed drink on the fly with this cocktail shaker set.


This came with one jigger and two liquor pourers.  As you can see, the shot of liquor has been poured into the jigger.  Super convenient to have these things while I’m mixing up drinks for a party or small get together or even if I decide I want a little cocktail after work or something.  The stainless steel makes it look so sleek and sophisticated. By the way, the entire set it made of stainless steel. Everything is dishwasher safe also.  It’s fun using the same type of shaker and accessories that I see in fancy bars.  Even the brand name is on the liquor pourer!  Awesome!


At this point, I have poured the jigger full of liquor and the orange Gatorade into the shaker.  I have never used Gatorade as a mixer but this was all I had on hand so I got creative and improvised. LOL

20160811_204312I shook it up nice and good. I love feeling the frost on my hands that forms on the shaker as you shake it. And it sealed the liquids in tightly, no leaking or dripping.20160811_194919Easy to pour!  I felt like a bartender for the night in my own kitchen!


And Voila!  A beautiful and tasty mixed drink!

This set also includes a BONUS EBOOK: 100 COCKTAIL RECIPES

If you’d like one of these sets yourself or if you want to find our more about it, click here:


Shikshook your life.

I received this product free from for testing and review purposes and all opinions are my own.

If you’ve tried this product yourself or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below. 🙂