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Stitch Fix Men’s Fashion Show!!!


Happy Thursday everyone!  I’m at the beginning of my 4 day weekend which means I’m having a great day.  So, a while back I did a post on StichFix for women where I modeled some clothes that I received in my complimentary styling.  Today I am doing a Men’s Fashion Show for you thanks to another complimentary styling from StitchFix and my boyfriend who so kindly decided to model the clothes today. This post contains affiliate links through which I may be compensated, but all opinions are my own

First up, we have The Richard Sueded Jersey Half Zip Pullover by Threads 4 Thought.

20161110_100208This pullover really makes the entire outfit!  It’s not too casual or too dressy. You can wear this hanging out with the guys watching the game or when you want to have a day out with your girl.

Next up, is the Confetti Pullover Hoodie also by Threads 4 Thought.20161110_100615If you look closely, you can see little specs of green and pink which I think make this a unique piece.  I love that casual preppy look and it has pockets, so convenient!

Up next is the Herndon Flannel Shirt by Grayers.

20161110_101114This was a favorite of both of ours because it’s super stylish for fall but it’s also quite thick to keep you warm during those rainy, chilly winter months.

And last but certainly not least is the Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt by Hawker Rye paired with the Essential Wash Straight Fit Chino pants also by Hawker Rye.

20161110_101620Going somewhere that you need to dress up but it’s not quite a cocktail event?  Here’s your outfit guys! We were both really impressed with the pants and the shirt is quite stylish as well.

How does StitchFix work?

Let me fill you guys in a little bit on how StitchFix works. You make an account on their site. Then you answer questions in your Style Profile so that your stylist can put together a Fix (which is their way of saying a styling) that you’ll love and then they ship it off to you based on how often you want to receive them.

How often can I get a Fix?

You can set a schedule to receive a Fix every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, every 3 months or set your own schedule. You also have the option to cancel your order if something comes up and you need to cancel for whatever reason. The styling fee is $20 which includes shipping to your home as well as shipping costs for any items you want to send back.

You can make your Style Profile as detailed as you want. You can tell them specifics colors and/or prints you want to avoid and all kinds of things! There is even an area where you can write a note to your stylist AND you can provide them with your social media handles so they can get an idea of your style online as well.

Once again, I am very impressed with StitchFix and their ability to pick the perfect style and fit of clothing.  Are you looking to refresh your fall wardrobe or add some staple pieces to it? Click here to check out StitchFix.  Or are you having trouble coming up with a Christmas gift for that special man in your life? StichFix has just what you’re looking for.

Until next time!